Seattle, WA. (November 2018)—

Today, Arrowstorm Entertainment (The CW’s The Outpost), The Forge Studios (The Rangers), and Zombie Orpheus Entertainment (JourneyQuest) are excited to announce the world-wide launch of their subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service, The Fantasy Network.

The Fantasy Network is a free-to-watch SVOD service with a mission to deliver creator-owned genre television and film content in a more accessible, shareable, and discoverable way across the web. It is accessible online at and via IPTV apps on iOS, Apple TV, Roku, Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire, and Chrome TV.

The Fantasy Network is a global hub for independent fantasy films and series, where everyone, subscribers and non-subscribers alike, can view and share new, syndicated, and original content including the expansive libraries of all three founding partners (notably, the Mythica series, The Rangers series, and The Gamers series). In addition to the libraries of the founders, the platform also features licensed, award-winning fantasy content from dozens of other independent creators, including fan favorites Ren: The Girl with the Mark, AFK, and One Hit Die. The Fantasy Network also features a special channel dedicated to original digital programming from Gen Con, the largest hobby gaming convention in the United States.

Subscribers receive first access to the newest releases and to a host of unique features, including the ability to contribute to wikis for each show and to help greenlight new seasons of their favorite shows for production. More than four-thousand paid subscribers have already joined during the network’s beta period.

“Think of us as your first destination for original Fantasy Content”, says Ron Newcomb, owner of The Forge Studios. As a fan-supported and creator-distributed partnership, the network not only directs support from subscriptions to the production of new content, but actively runs crowdfunding campaigns for the network’s content providers to empower fans to keep the stories that they love alive. They most recently worked, in parallel with Canadian telecom Telus, to renew the comedy series One Hit Die for a third season.

The Fantasy Network is more than a streaming service, it’s a community of content creators and fans who are encouraged to create their own commercial spin-offs in many of the worlds they have brought to life, via the network’s opt-in Shared Cinematic Universe License Agreement ( Third-party films and series created under this license, beginning with the Strowlers Shared Cinematic Universe, will be eligible for distribution and revenue share on the network. Inspired by the Open Gaming License and the Creative Commons phenomenon, the SCULA is a filmmaker-friendly copyright alternative that empowers interconnected global storytelling and cultural exchange.

“Stories want to be free. By enabling storytellers to remix and reimagine the intellectual properties participating in the SCULA, we keep stories alive and relevant, rather than creating copyright orphans. This active and collaborative dialogue empowers fans and creators to set their imaginations free,” says Ben Dobyns of Zombie Orpheus Entertainment.

The trio of established production companies have each found success in the indie film world and are looking to bring their experience and skills together under one roof for the benefit of all. “We waited around long enough for someone else to do this. It’s now our time,” says Jason Faller of Arrowstorm Entertainment.

The Fantasy Network looks forward to inviting more viewers, producers, subscribers, and contributors into their active community.

The Fantasy Network, LLC, is a privately-owned, Seattle-based independent film and television distribution company for the fantasy genre. For more on the network, go to www.TheFantasy.Network.